SX-64 mini

Eigenbau eines SX-64 mini. Bauzeit: Dezember 2018 > Januar 2019.

Liste der verbauten Teile:

3D Teile (STL-Dateien)

Bild auf der Vorderseite (noch nicht so optimal)



23 Thoughts to “SX-64 mini”

  1. Gil ruiztejada

    excellent work, congratulations.

  2. Jayson

    How can I get one and how much is shopping to Perth wa

  3. Andy

    Looks amazing can you build me one

  4. If you ever wan’t to sell it, let me know 🙂

  5. Hello, I am glad that you like my project. But this is just a private project. I will not sell it or build another one to sell – sorry. But you can build your own SX-64-mini. The list of required parts can be found above 😉

  6. Gary Ogden

    is that a real floppy drive?

  7. Al Brown

    Pretty cool. I had a real one many moons ago. Brings back memories. Very good work sir, I tip my hat.

  8. Dave Dundas

    Hi great build, really looks good
    Are there any other components for the speaker or is it all stripped from the audiocore speaker and connected to the pi?
    Do you have any instructions to go with the build?

    1. There are no more components for the speaker. I only used one speaker. 3.5″jack direkt into the pi. +3V and ground from the gipo-bar.

  9. B

    It’s not completely authentic – you forgot the 10kg of lead weights…. but still, I kinda want one anyway!

    1. Fusin

      You can fill up the room with lead powder 😉


    a question, will you have the sticker file or label on the front cover? Thanks for sharing your work.

    1. Yes, it is the file above the pictures on top of this site…

      1. Gilberto

        I mean the mini sticker below the keyboard. (on the cover) will you have it? Thanks again for sharing your work.

        1. Oh, that’s what you mean. I have not uploaded this here because it contains the original Commodore logo – I do not know if I’m allowed to spread that 😉 I’ve rebuilt it with Photoshop …

  11. Pete

    Too bad it’s virtually impossible to get 4:3 displays today. With a 16:9 screen I would choose to letterbox it though, instead of stretching it.

    1. I chose the resolution to read / recognize anything in the combian64 settings (otherwise it is much too small)

  12. Alberto Teodoro

    Hi Christian.
    I’m without words.
    It’s fantastic!!!!!!!
    I would like to make One
    So, I think I’ll send you many many questions
    In the meantime … have you painted the case? How and which color code?

    1. Thank you very much! 😉
      The case is painted with spray can. Matte colors in anthracite and black – not original, i know.

  13. V0yager

    Impressive work. I really appreciate the „amazing computer“ label. The cutest „mini“ ever. Waiting for mass production.

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